Give customers discount code

You can encourage your customers to connect their social network account with your website by offering a discount code when they do that. This feature is smoothly supported by Social Login Pro. A discount code with pre-specified discount amount (can be set at app configuration page) will be presented to the customer via a popup when they successfully register a new account with Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, etc.



To configure how discount code will be generated, please open Social Login Pro app configuration page > Navigate to "Discount" tab.

Click on "Enable discount" option. You may select the available discount code of your online store or generate new discount code.

If you select "Generate code" option, you can continue to set up these following options:

- Prefix of discount code

- Discount type: percentage, fixed amount, free shipping

- Minimum requirement: the minimum total cart value of customer to be able to apply voucher code

- Availability time of discount code

Discount popup settings

You can edit title and content of discount popup on this section. Using available tags to display your discount code more detailed.

Finally, click "Save" to apply your configuration.