Step 1: Click on this page and login with your account.


Step 2: Navigate to “Manage Clients” page > Click on the “Register a new client” button.



Step 3: Fill in your information. 



• At “Valid redirect URIs”, enter the URI provided on Social Login app back-end


• Click on “Register” button


Step 4: Click on Manage button



Navigate to "Security" tab and follow this guide:



Step 5: Navigate to "Detail" tab > Copy the Client ID and Client Secret then paste into Social Login Pro app setting.




Your client is now on SANDBOX mode and is available for only sandbox users, you need to submit your client to Instagram and wait for them to verify your client.


To submit your Instagram client, please follow this guide:


Step 1: Open “Manage client” page 


Step 2: Navigate to “Permission" tab > click on “Start a submission” button



Step 3: On “Permission review” page, select your use case, write a submission paragraph then click “Submit”.



When your client is accepted by Instagram staff, you can see the client status changes to LIVE.